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​​​September 1, 2016 Town Board Meeting

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​​​​​November 3, 2016 Town Board Meeting

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​​​​September 15, 2016 Town Board Meeting

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 September 20, 2018 Town Board Meeting - Unavailable- Playback TBA

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August 18, 2016 Town Board Meeting

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​​​​​October 20, 2016 Town Board Meeting


                                   Town Supervisor: Betsy C. Maas

                                                   (2 Year Term until Dec. 31, 2019)
                                    Phone: 724-5600 (Office)

                                        Cell: 845-223-7335

Town Council Members and their Contact Information:                     


                                                Steven Frazier                                
                                                 4 Year Term until Dec. 31, 2021              845-227-8475 


                                           Dave McMorris                                      
                                                           4 Year Term until Dec. 31, 2019            845-227-5412

                                          Corrina Kelley                                   
                                                        4 Year Term until Dec. 31, 2019               845-724-3126

John Welsh                           
                                                         4 Year Term until Dec. 31, 2021           845-724-7060

Town Board Minutes/ Agendas 2019


APRIL 2018

You can review the budget documents at the Town Hall during normal business hours, or on-line by clicking on the the buttons above.  Questions concerning the budget are welcomed at  Town Board Meetings or, anytime by emailing the Town Supervisor.

A budget document is used for reference all during the year by every department in Town government.  New York State Law defines the budget calendar.  Estimate forms are distributed to heads of departments before September 1st and estimated budgets have to be calculated by the Budget Officer by September 20th.  A tentative budget has to be calculated by the Budget Officer and filed with the Town Clerk by September 30th.  The Town Clerk submits the tentative budget to the Town Board on or before October 5th.  The General Fund and Highway Fund have separate budgets.  The tentative budget is reviewed and revised by the Town Board.  A preliminary budget is presented at a public hearing where further revisions may be made before adoption by the Town Board.  A final budget must be adopted by November 20th.  The Union Vale Fire District budget must be given to the Town Board by September 20th. 

A report of the years' revenue and expense is filed with the New York State Comptrollers Office by March 1st of every year. The Town is audited by the Comptrollers Office on a rotating basis and the results are reported to the Town and published in the official Town newspapers.

​​​​​October 6, 2016 Town Board Meeting


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November 17, 2016 Town Board Meeting

August 4, 2016 Town Board Meeting

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