Food for Thought

The Coronavirus pandemic mandated that the CAC postpone its summer events in Tymor Park, but on Saturday, Oct. 3, it did go ahead with its first 2020 Food for Thought event. Fanelli’s food truck, serving hot dogs, pretzels and other casual food, was present for picnickers by 6:00, and at 7:00 two short films about the local environment—"A Living River” and “Farmscape Ecology”—by  local filmmaker Jon Bowermaster were screened in the bandshell. A flyer promoting the community event had been sent out the week prior to a variety of social media venues as well as by Union Vale mail to town residents. There were between 30 and 40 attendees, a fine turnout for a brisk October evening.  All thanks to CAC member Rachel Von Wettberg and Union Vale events planner Wendy Fred for organizing such a successful evening! 

Conservation Advisory Council

Click here to see the full Natural Resource Inventory (NRI) for Union Vale with maps & text! 

Bluebird Boxes Installed in Tymor Park    

The Coronavirus pandemic has necessarily slowed some of the CAC initiatives for 2020. That said, we are happy to announce that over the course of the spring Tymor Park Manager Jake Gosnell, Tom St. Onge and the rest of the Park crew have installed the bluebird boxes. Built by Kevin Murphy, the cedar boxes have been sited at the following locations. 

--3 boxes dispersed along the at the top of the disc golf course hill

--1 box creek side, cross foot bridge near playground and head north (left)

--1 box near the little league field

--1 box northwest corner of the field behind the town hall, near Bruzgul Road on black birch tree

--1 box on the trail behind the town hall, heading north (right) at the T, toward Bruzgul road

--1 box on the equestrian center phone pole (closer to the rink)

--1 box on a post, on the trail heading south out of the equestrian center at the waterfall

--2 boxes dispersed in the field behind the pool on the wood line

We are so grateful to Kevin, Jake and the whole Park crew!

Union Vale Natural Resources Inventory      

​In February, 2020, the Union Vale town board unanimously approved a resolution for the Conservation Advisory Council (CAC) to develop a Natural Resources Inventory (NRI). The Union Vale CAC began work on the NRI in March of that year under the guidance of Nate Nardi-Cyrus, conservation and land use specialist, Hudson River Estuary Program/Cornell University, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation; and Sean Carroll, GIS/environmental resource educator at Cornell Cooperative Extension Dutchess County. Funding generously provided by the Hudson River Estuary Program allowed for the compilation of the NRI at no cost to the town.

Now completed, the NRI has gathered and compiled data regarding important naturally occurring resources such as forests, wetlands, surface and ground waters, and farmland. Data also includes cultural resources, such as historic sites, scenic vistas, and recreation areas. That information is presented here in a series of maps and an accompanying report with narrative descriptions, supporting data tables, and recommendations. While this NRI covers a wide range of resources from farmland and topography to important aquifers and forests, it is based on existing data and does not involve new studies.

An NRI is used for comprehensive land-use planning that proactively considers a community's land and water resources, and provides the foundation for open space planning and protection, zoning updates, conservation overlay districts, critical environmental areas, and other municipal plans and policies. The underlying premise of an NRI is that a town cannot protect what it has if it does not know what that is.   


  • Akiko Busch, Chair
  • ​Pat Cartalemi, ex officio​
  • Rachel Peterson
  • Lisa Martel 
  • ​Jen Rubbo 

Click the Picture to See the NRI Interactive Web Map for Union Vale