Recycling Center

Coordinator,Thomas St.Onge 

(845) 224-8972 or 

2019 Recycling Passes are on sale. Please be aware of the price changes for 2019.

Resident: $75/ Non-resident $100

*Credit Card purchases online will be coming soon.

Address: 2006 Route 55, LaGrangeville, NY 12540

(500 feet east of County Route 21, East Noxon Road)
Hours: 8:00am - 4:00pm, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday

The following information is valid for 2019

The Recycling Center is for residential use only - it is not intended for commercial use.

Permits are sold at the Town Clerks Office during regular business hours.

Click here to get a 2019 Recycling Center Application Form

Annual Permit fees:

Town Residents  $75.00/household           
Non Residents  $100.00/household         

Additional trash disposal punch cards -  $40.00 

Card will be punched once for every 33-gallon size bag of trash ($4.00/bag) or twice for any bags larger than 33-gallons ($6/bag). Each card can be punched 10 times. These never expire.

The recycling center accepts the following recyclable materials at no charge:

Brown Corrugated Cardboard - Clean and dry.
Newspapers, Magazines, Paper Board (i.e. Cereal Boxes, non-corrugated pizza boxes),  Junk Mail 
Telephone Books, Scrap Paper.  No plastic bags.

   (NO Sorting of these materials is needed!)
Aluminum - Cans, foils, etc.- Wash, remove labels.
Tin & Bi-Metal Cans - Wash, remove labels. 
Glass Bottles & Jars -  Wash and rinse clean. 
Plastics- All plastics are now accepted.

Fluorescent Light Bulbs - 4', 8' Tubes and Screw Type.

Rechargeable Batteries - Nickel Cadmium, Lithium, etc. -NO HOUSEHOLD BATTERIES
Oil- The center accepts used motor oil.

5 Cent - Deposits -Bottles and cans should be dropped off at the South end of the facility. All proceeds benefit the Tymor Park Scholarship Fund.

Bicycle Donations - Bicycles and bike parts in any condition will be accepted at the Recycling Center on behalf of local non-profit organizations.
Most Metal Products - The following is a partial list of metal items accepted all the time:

Barbecue Grills, Dryers, Metal Tools, Tractors
Batteries, Filing Cabinets, Motors, Washing machines,
Boilers, Lawn Furniture, Plows, Water Heaters,
Can Openers, Lawnmowers, Tanks, Weedwhackers,
Car Parts, Metal Bed Frames, Tire Rim,s Wheelbarrow,
Coffee Pots, Metal Cans, Toasters,
Dishwashers, Metal Chairs, &Toaster Ovens

             *** An attendant can assist you with your questions. ***

The following items are NOT accepted for recycling and should be disposed of in normal trash:

  Incandescent Light bulbs, disposable batteries, mirrors, window panes, dishes, glassware, and ceramics.

Appliances - Used appliances are accepted regularly at the center. Those items containing "FREON" (refrigerators, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, etc.) must be tagged to show proper disposal of the Freon or there will be a $10.00 charge for removal.
Electronic Equipment - Electronic equipment is now considered "Hazardous" and must be recycled, rather than discarded.  -  The Recycle Center will have a designated area for electronics year round.

Electronics will no longer be accepted in the container for large metal products. 

There is a fee for the disposal of televisions and computer monitors.

Flat Screen TV & Computer Monitor: $5

Tube Computer Monitor: $10

Tube TV's up to 27'': $15

Tube TV's over 27'': $30

Wood console/ projection & other  over-sized units: $35

Clothing - bins are available for clothing in good condition.

Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Days - Please visit the Dutchess County Resource Recovery Agency  website 
(click here) for all information.

For 2018 the Town will issue an additional punch card to Union Vale residents when you purchase your Annual Recycle Center Permit. This is in lieu of clean up weekends. These punch cards will enable permit holders to dispose of 2 bulk items at their convenience without charge. Permit holders must present their numbered permit and matching numbered punch card when using this service. The punch cards are non-transferable. This procedure is expected to hold down costs at the Recycle Center while providing the convenience of bulk item disposal for permit holders.

After exhausting the 2 free bulk items on your punch card, Bulk Item Disposal is available for a fee. The following is a list of commonly accepted items (Please contact the Recycling coordinator for individual pricing of items not included in this list):

  • ​Bathtub or Shower Stall $20.00
  • Chairs $5.00
  • Chairs (Recliner) $10.00
  • Dresser  $10.00
  • Garage Door  $15.00
  • Kitchen Cabinets $5.00
  • Mattress + Box Spring (Full, King, Queen) $20.00
  • Mattress or Box Spring (Twin) $10.00
  • Pick-Up Truck Load (Large) $50.00
  • Pick-Up Truck Load (Small) $30.00
  • Rugs 9x12 or Portion Thereof $10.00
  • Sink or Toilet $10.00
  • Sofa $20.00
  • Sofa (Sleeper) $25.00
  • Swimming Pool Liner $20.00
  • Tables $5 - $10
  • Tires (Car) $7.00
  • Tires (Truck) $10.00
  • Tires (Tractor) $20.00


All Metal Products are accepted at no charge

There is a $10.00 Charge for removal of FREON from refrigerators, air conditioners and dehumidifiers.