The Planning Board for the Town of Union Vale was created by the Town Board on March 6, 1962.   This board consists of seven townspeople, appointed according to the requirements of Article 16 of the Town Law.   Each member is appointed for a term of seven years.   These terms are staggered so as to have the expiration of one term each year.

Planning Board:                                                        
(7-year terms expiring on 12/31 of year listed)                    

  • Pasquale Cartalemi, Chair  (2026)
  • Scott Kiniry (2024)
  • Kaye Saglibene (2023)
  • Michael Mostachetti (2020)
  • Alain Natchev (2022)
  • Karl Schoeberl(2021)
  • Steven Diamond (2025)


  • Larry Mattiello (2021)

Before preparing any application, the applicant should contact the Code Enforcement Officer at 724-5953 to determine the correct classification and forms needed to appear before the Planning Board. General information can be found in the Town Code. 
Click here to review the Municipal Code Book. 

See Sections:
192-19 - Sub Division Submission Requirement
210-63 - Site Plan Submission requirements
210-53 - Special Use Permit
Effective April, 2018, no application will be accepted by the Planning Office unless all of the below stated is included.  Payment for application fee(s) and Escrow fee is due at the time of submission.

11 Complete Copies of:

  • Letter of Determination from Building Dept./Zoning Administrator
  • Application (signed and dated) 
  • EAF (Environmental Assessment Forms)
  • Copy of Deed of Property
  • Letter of Consent (if applicable)
  • Narrative (if applicable)
  • Maps / Drawings / Site Plans (signed by the engineer) 3 full-scale prints & 8 half-scale prints
  • (Signed by the Engineer and/or Land Surveyor) and a portable document format (PDF File)

The Planning Board meets the second Thursday of each month. The deadline for submission is 21 days prior to the meeting.

Planning Board Fees:
See attached Town of UV Fee Schedule and Escrow Fee Schedule

If you have any questions, please call (845) 724-5600.  The Planning Office is open Monday thru Thursday 8:30 AM - 2:00 PM E:Mail



Planning Board Meeting

Second Thursday every month at 7:30 PM





Environmental Assessment Forms

There will be NO Planning Board Meeting Thursday, May 14, 2020


Planning Board 

Chairperson: Pat Cartalemi

​Secretary: Joan Miller