Questioned posed by a Solar Developer:

​Will the Town enforce the same setbacks outlined in its zoning bylaws for this RFP?  The zoning bylaws state that setbacks for solar are the same as the underlying district.  For TC, the setbacks are 80  feet for front and rear lot lines and 50 feet for sides, which limits the design space considerably.



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In the Town Center (TC) zone the setbacks are: front, 80', side, 50'; and rear, 80'. We recognize the size limitation these setbacks present and are in discussions with our attorney to mitigate these setbacks up to and including changing the Town Code.  The Town Board is a willing partner when it comes to solar development and our neighbor (next to the Landfill) is a willing partner to the Town. Both are inclined to do what it takes to make this a positive deal for the Town and the Developers. We will not have a final strategy before the RFP submission deadline, but will be discussing it in our next Town Board meeting on October 18.  All Town Board members have expressed their support for this project and are anxious to hear your responses.