Hours:  Monday - Friday 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Highway Dept. Phone:  (845) 724-5498

Emergencies Only: (845) 629-6519

Email to the Highway Superintendent: UnionvaleHWY1@optimum.net

 Wood Chips/Compost:
The Town recycles, you gain. Wood chips and compost are available for your home use at the Highway Department Facility on North Clove Road. Come during daylight hours and pick up sufficient for your needs. Free to Town Residents only.

  If you would like to clean a section of the town or county roads in Union Vale- Orange bags are available by                  calling Richard Wissman or the Town Hall.  When finished be sure to let the Superintendent know WHERE                    the bags are located. 

The Superintendent of Highways Richard Wisseman